The Picture of Dorian Gray (Adaptation)

So over the summer I directed my adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray. I was incredibly lucky to have the most amazing actors and creative team supporting me. And since everybody since has been genuinely so interested in how the play unfolded, how it went, and how exactly I went about adapting it, I thought I’d upload the finished script (typos and all! 😉 ) because if there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it’s that I’m not particularly good at describing how I adapted it. ‘Oh I changed some words’ and ‘I put in a few movement sequences and split scenes’ really isn’t that helpful (I sorry)

I wrote the entire thing on a fantastic little (app? programme?) called Celtx. Absolutely brilliant for writing stage plays, screenplays, novels, and so forth. I really recommend it. Of course the thrill wears off eventually. You go from, ‘OMG, I’m writing such an official looking play!’ to, by page 50, ‘CAN I JUST FINISH THIS THING ALREADY?!’

Obviously this script pretty different to what was finally put onstage. Rehearsals do that. Different ideas are introduced and others discarded. But on paper, at least, this is the original…

So, here it is. The first full length play I’ve ever written (wow)

The Picture of Dorian Gray- A Creative Adaptation




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