Don’t even know what to call this.

Just found this. Made me laugh. 

I’m sat here, writing a blog post because I hear the blogging is a brilliant release of creative energy, fuelled and backed by an individualistic fire burning deep within; a need to write, write and then write some more. And as a writer, I know this feeling too well.

The problem with writing though, is that it is often romanticised to the point of absurdity. People imagine some lone figure with a quill or typewriter, downing some strong liquor and writing by candlelight.

Writing – actual writing – is about persistence. It’s about bleeding onto the page when, occasionally, there is just no wound to be found. My point is – writing, not even blogging, isn’t fun all the time, and as much as I love fiction writing, I am not inclined to create a blog, post my opinions and blah blah blah.

Why not? I guess this question is completely moot as I am sat here writing a blog post any way, like another hipster kid sitting in the corner of Starbucks with an I-pad, sipping the fruits of manipulated Third World workers from a badly insulated cup.

The real reason I’m blogging is because I am PROCRASTINATING. Yes, I know. Procrastination is the thief of time as my mother always says. And as time is money, I guess I’m wasting money. Literally.




I type onto this page clangs loudly; a penny tossed into the wishing well of life.

But I’m already paying £9,000 a year for what I’m beginning to realise is effectively as active therapy course (creative writing = therapy, talking about writing = therapeutic, drama = transfusion of ideas, purging, catharsis) so what’s the worst that can happen? And even though I’ve learned from numerous Kit Kat adverts that this is not a good mantra to have in life – I still keep procrastinating. Besides, therapy is expensive nowadays.

Seriously though. Soon I must close this page, get out my reading and engage in the real world. At some point I must actively enter ‘reality’ – a reality that includes living in an ancient castle that resembles Hogwarts and hunting humans in order to bring them to the Cult of Hastur.

It sounds ludicrous but it’s true. This is my life and I’m going to live every moment of it.

Not just live, but LIVE.


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