Raindrops on roses and detox from humanity 19th Sep 2014

I was going to update my blog with some more writing which I’ve been working on tonight, but it’d only be an extract and I haven’t made any revisions…


There was just a hench-ass storm outside. The loudest storm I’ve ever heard. I looked out the window, there was a flash of lightning and no word of a lie, I screamed a little. (This never happens) I love storms, but damn that was a big one.

I’ve been sitting in bed reading Harold Pinter’s ‘The Birthday Party’ and craving tea whilst simultaneously being too lazy to make myself some.

I’ve also – as I just mentioned – been doing some writing of my own. Instead of waiting for inspiration (which was taking way too long) I just sat and typed and DAMN some good ideas came from that first sentence, which makes me happy ^^

I’ve deleted my personal facebook and twitter accounts. The initial reason I won’t go into, but it’s actually been kinda nice to just detox from people, not respond to any calls or texts (sorry, not sorry) and just have me-time. I love me-time. I either love myself or I hate humanity. Or perhaps a bit of both.


mankind can wait 🙂

For now, I have my life to focus on, and lots to read.

I was meant to go back to uni tomorrow. A random load of things accumulating, involving laziness, depression and alcohol, has resulted in me NOT BEING PACKED AT ALL. So I probably won’t be back until the Monday of freshers week.

On one hand, this kinda sucks. I was looking forward to seeing so many people. On the other hand, I don’t really care. I’m in a ‘nothing else matters’ mood I guess, to quote Metallica.

I’ll get back to university when I get back 🙂

Right now I’m still basking in the glow of the show I directed. In fact, I’ll have to find a way to upload my script here (I adapted The Picture of Dorian Gray)

Can you upload PDFs to this thing?

I’ll try and upload it. I’m quite proud of how the script turned out – and the overall show too. Very, very proud of my theatre company.



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