My Love

Written in 2012…


My love was brutally killed one day

There was nothing I could do or say

To save his life, to bring him back

My love was victim to their attack


They laughed at him, they struck him down

They beat him mercilessly to the ground

I cried out but once again held back

My love was victim to their attack


They made charges, they made false claims

I said he was guiltless, all in vain

He pleaded guilty, nay, he pleaded not

He hung his head and took the lot


They taunted him, claimed it fair trial

I yelled innocence, others said denial

I went and saw him hanging there

Breath ragged, choking, blood-soaked hair


I cried out then, they pulled me back

“My love,” I wept, “Lost to their attack!”

He was blameless, he did nothing wrong

Nothing worthy of dying young


I sit now, oft in pensive mood

And think how his death did me good

I sat and watched him fade away

The memory still stays with me today


But I am glad, none could be more

Of how he loved me and so he bore

So much more pain, so much hurt

To lift me, raise me, from the dirt


His skin was bruised, the flesh was torn

The false accusations, the taunting worn

Rivulets of blood came streaming down

To find the lost, and now I’m found


He rose again, He rose for me

My love, my Saviour, One but Three

And now I sit, this Easter night

Remembering my love called Jesus Christ


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