Reality is so much more than the here and now

We danced in the rain.

Your eyes, my breath, your smile, my mind, colliding and becoming one under the tears of a starlit canvas.

The moon from her cold cave didn’t warn me; her one eye stared unblinking and milky white – blinded by apathy. She watched as we danced her life away.

The words of the majority had no effect; they fell lifeless and limp like the damp hair that clung to your forehead. They were easy to brush away, to tuck out of sight.

 I thought the celestial orb to be callous. I thought the tongues of friends to be the chamber that held poison darts.  It was an intervention and I saw a masquerade. Your masks repulsed me.  Repulsed us. We didn’t need your glitter or shine. Our own light shone through in pregnant glances, intoxicated nights and new dawns. 

I lost myself in the best way possible: suddenly, thoughtlessly.

We danced in the rain but that was all it was. A brief encounter.  The rain eroded my flesh and burnt my bones. And you watched from a distance. 

The words of the majority were daggers of truth. They stabbed at my ribs and at my lungs but made sure to avoid my heart. 

That was for you.



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