Why Do People Find it So Hard To Understand Feminism?

A-Presto VS The World

Today, in my gender seminar, we were discussing modern feminist critiques of classical texts like Ovid and Greek tragedy. Each present negative portrayals of women, like most ancient literature does however these more so than others, but the seminar was focused on whether it is right to impose our modern feminist ideals on these texts. And of course some dude has to turn around and comment that he doesn’t agree with feminism and that he is fed up of ‘feminist rants.’

At this point, it was quite hard for a lot of us to keep our cool. Our lecturer calmed us down quite well in the way she suggested we view it as a discussion point and that we should appreciate that someone was brave and comfortable enough to speak their honest opinions.

But it just brought up so many other issues that this world is having with feminism. The…

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