The Problem with Government

My sister’s anorexic.


In the UK,

If you’re diagnosed with anorexia,

And you’re a student

– which she is –

And if you don’t mind filling out the ridiculous amounts of paperwork,

– which she didn’t –

You can be granted  a laptop from the government.


They’ll actually take a break from scamming or taxing,

or recounting paper-thin lies behind a screen

and give you an apple laptop.

I’ve always wondered why

since she can’t eat it anyway.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. this girl says:

    I wonder what else they give out laptops for…

    1. Nikki says:

      haha 🙂 I think its a programme to help people with mental illnesses in education. So you can apply for support grants and/or supportive equipments, i.e. laptops. XD You could probably get it for quite a lot of illnesses to be fair 🙂

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