Lilliputians and I

-An old one-

I am not sure how this all began

The shipwreck was but a trigger

I can’t escape – though you think I can –

From webs of Lilliputian snigger

Leave me alone, Lilliputian folk

You control my every moment

Beat me and fasten me to a yoke

To enjoy my merciless torment

You invade my head; take over my mind

You set me to work with great rigour

Why am I the only one who finds

Comfort in Lilliputian snigger?

It should be easy to escape your traps

So pointless and so miniscule

But while I run races, you do laps!

When I revolt, your power still rules

And when you endeavour to set me free

I still come crawling back to you

It’s as if I’m never the real ‘me’

Without your choices being present too

I don’t understand others, so lucky

So uninvolved in your mean sport

We sit and laugh and they fail to see;

That I cannot stand without your support

People see one thing; I see another

You see parties, and feasts, and hosts

I see control; I live in numbers

Cravings that follow me, swallow me whole

While I sleep, I hear you getting to work

With your you kit of needles and thread

So sweetly you whisper all of the perks

That I’ll experience when I am dead.

I know you want me to suffer, to die

You’re constantly a fast grave-digger

It’s finally time to say goodbye

To webs of Lilliputian snigger

Gulliver will travel – but unpack the bane –

With new thoughts and newfound vigour

To seek and find that yellow road again

Clear of Lilliputian snigger

It’s uncertain if I am strong enough

If I fall, I might crawl to you

But I want freedom! I’ve had enough

Obsessionless in Blesfuscu?


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