Prologue I & II

PROLOGUE I – The Kingdom’s Charter 

  1. No crime is permissible within Aravat’s Kingdom. Any transgressions will be taken to the High Court and the punishment for all crime is separation from the Kingdom. (See1)
  2. All younglings must pass the Induction exam before they are provided with a certificate of adulthood.
  3. All younglings are to retain the same rights as any fully fledged species, with the singular exception of performing Rites of Power, which is prohibited for younglings.
  4. Any power sources from beyond the Kingdom of Aravat, and the cultivation and/or usage of them, are strictly prohibited.
  5. Any creature is permitted to leave Aravat’s Kingdom and go beyond The Last Gateway at any particular given moment in time, but to do so is at his/her/their risk. [i]
  6. It is not unlawful to enter Aravat’s Castle, however to do so without visionary shades may result in afflictions. [ii]
  7. All creatures are immortal and their force-field makes them so. [iii]
  8. All creatures must exist in harmony.
  9. A bi-millenary meeting is to be held within the High Courts, for the benefit of ALL species, regardless of age or position, in order to discuss the needs of the creatures. All attendees will require visionary shades.

i. All creatures receive their power span from Lord Aravat Himself. Moving far beyond the Last Gateway and being separated from Lord Aravat for too long a period of time, will, by default, result in the loss of their force field and the death of said creature. This is the only condition which could cause death to the creatures of Aravat’s Kingdom

ii. Our ruler, Lord Aravat, is powerful beyond description. To look directly at our Lord could result in temporary blindness. Neither is any creature powerful enough to touch our Lord, due to the weak material of our shells.


Dear friend,

I know that right now you are in mortal danger.  At any moment you could be found and mercilessly killed. In fact, if you are caught with this very book between your hands, you will undoubtedly be tortured beforehand and your death itself prolonged.

Holding this very book could swiftly end your life.

But I also know that this book could save your life.

It pains me to think of the fear you must be feeling right now. But know this: all is not yet lost. The fact that you have found this book in itself is a miracle; I am sure by now all but a handful of copies have been destroyed.  So guard this book with your life. It holds the truth which is never overrated; truth is sharper than a two-edged sword. Wear it like your scabbard and you just might survive.

I know that you have little time to read my words. I will do my best to tell the story briefly. But this is a story since before the beginning of your time. It is the story of the past, the present and the future. It is the story of everything, for I am everywhere and have always been so.

My dear friend I hope this book helps you.

You need all the help you can get.


Oh, and one last word of warning:

Do not tell anyone you are reading this book. Nobody is who they seem.


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