Unromantic Reasons to Date a Writer

Date a writer because she’s weird. She’ll wake in the midnight haze, post-nightmare, eyes glazed and before seeking comfort she will grab a pencil. She will take time to scrawl down the ghoulish images before they fade. She has learnt by now that fears are concrete inspiration. She has learnt to turn the darkness into light.

Date a writer because you cannot hold her hand. Instead her palms will clasp a leather-bound journal whose spine bends beneath the weight of her opus. But these are the same hands that will fly to ripening cheeks when you surprise her at open mic events. These are the same hands that will write you into history.

And yes, she can turn sighs into epic poems and the unspoken into spoken. She can transform your fragmented thoughts into novellas, or moments of hurt into a momentous novel. Let her do this because she was awarded with poetic license at birth.

Date a writer because she will listen. Not just with her ears but with all her senses. Each word that drops from your lips will taste sweeter than any wine.

And she will enjoy the hangover.

Date a writer because it will –inevitably – strengthen your vocabulary. She will not sit in silence while you mangle the language of her ancestors but she will be a walking thesaurus – an embodiment of the strength of expression. She will remind you of the words that dance on the tip of your tongue. She will teach you a hundred ways to say ‘I love you.’

Date a writer because even if she does not always heed your advice – and she won’t – she will value your honest opinion in a world that tries to pander to her fragile writer’s ego.

Date a writer because she will always win a game of Scrabble but she might let you win a game of Monopoly.  Maybe.

Date a writer because life is too short and she will not let you lose those moments too big to capture on your camera’s screen.

Date a writer because sometimes you will be her muse.

Date a writer because she will not give you a half-hearted response to – “What’s wrong?” She will tell you in autobiographies but she will give you space to breath.

Date a writer because you will never run out of tea. Or coffee. Or whatever beverage it is that feeds her mind and keeps her writing at the forgotten hours of the morning.

Date a writer because she is forgetful. She may forget anniversaries. But she’ll remember a story you told her years ago. She may forget the invitation you extended yesterday but she’ll remember what you wore the weekend of your first kiss and the compliments you give her will not be in vain. She will remember the way you look downwards to the right when you smile.  

Date a writer because she will love and defend you as much as she does her favourite book.  

Date a writer because she will challenge you to be the best you can be. She has standards because at nine years old she knew Heathcliff of the Yorkshire moors, at twelve she fell in love with Dorian’s charm and at fourteen she longed to know someone with Holden’s spontaneity. 

And if all else fails? Date a writer because books are infinite, so you’ll always, always have a present for her birthday.


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  1. Very clever!


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