Literary Kitchen Festival

So last month I won a flash fiction competition. I was invited to share my work at an event called the Literary Kitchen Festival in Peckham. It was really good fun. (And because I’ve been so busy/generally focused on other things, I forgot to post about it here.) So below is s picture of me performing my flash fiction. If you want to read it, it’s called The Art of Sobriety and can be found by clicking the link. (Y’know, the words highlighted all blue and funky)

So yeah, that’s me looking dope on the mic and surrounded by poets and novelists and translators and agents and indie publishing houses and friends and family, and my lecturer (who co-curated the entire festival!) is there somewhere too.

lit kit
Photo credits to my friend Abi

Also, this man (I regret not getting his name now) was writing pay-what-you-want poetry (and suicide notes). I thought it might be a little weird to purchase a suicide note and put it up in my room so I got a poem instead. I gave him the title and the poet wrote it there and then on his typewriter. When I first skimmed over the poem, I wasn’t really thinking about what it meant.  But each time I reread it, the poem affected me more and more. Note how visual the poem is. I loved it ❤ And here it is. (Thank you random poet who I don’t know!  You are truly talented to write so deeply and on the spot too)




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