Agápē’s Apprentice

You are the reason I create;

You are the author and pioneer of all art

You are the universal need of the soul,

You satiate our soul’s hunger.


I create because I want to.


I create because I want to



“The person I have for you, will love with My love.”

Their actions =/= Your actions


sometimes hidden by clay constantly corrected;

They are an artist – not The Artist.

But tonight I caught a glimpse of

What it is to love someone –

As though my heart was the rubber skin of a balloon

stretching in my chest.


I will not fight too hard,

though the enemy adapts to my gained understanding.

I will not be anxious,

Because Your peace transcends understanding.

I will proudly be weak,

Because sufficient grace gives me strength and standing.

I will not fall,

Because on solid rock I am standing.

You have crowned my head

And clothed my body in armour.

Cherish. |Love.| L’amour. 


We create

Because You first created.

We are dust.

Our sinews sewn from words

spoken by the greatest Poet,

our stories etched on palms,

our poems scrawled in the Book of Life.


It’s a shame we mistake romance,

For Your love could be romantic,

If we understood what true Love is.


Grecian philosophy is anchored in You;

We do not create.

We imitate.


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