Wasdjihaui hierogerio

This is the other.

Half-eaten meat pastry and soiled bedding

Skin darker than the media lets you see

Mental health skewered by politics

Foreign foreigners foreign foreign

You’ve got to be sensible to be desensitised

Remain sane with

Limbs falling,


Eyes blinded towards hate,


Systems which make them semi-human,


Burqas ripped,

Women beat for giving lip,

Women beat for being women

Mass murder as a logical response to rejection

Rape counting in favour of presidential election

We don’t see them

They’re different –

We do see them

They’re disgusting

Not me, not you,

Thank goodness otherwise what would we do?

Brown, bag, beard,

Terrorist scum,

Fearing every newspaper

Trembling at what’s to come

Bomb, brown, bastard,

It’s just a joke

No fire without smoke

What was she wearing?

Make him swear in

He loves Mexicans

Build a wall

Stay away

Die away

Die quietly

but pay for your segregation




Be charitable you fool,

Sign petitions you dolt,

March, revolt,

Turn on the never ending wheel

Open wounds, no time to heal

Smile like it’s all okay,

Take instagram photos with that bae

Ignore Eurocentric standards of beauty

We’re all beautiful

Except him

Except me


Keep the kids indoors

There’s creatures on all fours

Wolves howling at the light

Darker than your enemy,

than the shadows of the night

Black, asian, other

Other, other, other

What even is other?

Is it a standard or a measure

To be more than?

This is the other.

Half-eaten meat pastry and soiled bedding,

Drunken maid at bride’s wedding,

ISIS kidnapping and beheading

Children singing, snowing, sledding,

I’m here for questions not answers

No, damnit, I’m here for answers:

There is no other,

My sister, my brother,

There is no other but us.


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