2016 Reading Recommendations

Hi guys. Here are some books I’d like to recommend to you! I read these last year and I must admit they were all unique for their different reasons. I hope you enjoy. Do let me know if you end up reading these πŸ™‚

ps. I hope you enjoy my YT channel. I’ve had it a while.



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  1. The squeaky song at the end, loved it. You are so enthusiastic about reading and life in general! Magician’s Nephew is also my favorite in the series, and I really want to now read ‘The Wanderer’. Thanks for the recap πŸ™‚

    1. Nikki Acquah says:

      Hahahhaha I’m glad you enjoyed! The Magician’s Nephew is just so great! There’s something so…dare I say…MAGICAL ahout the whole book? Like its been sprinkled with a whole loada fairy dust or something haha. The Wanderer is great. Terrifying but beautifully written & quite clever 😊 Thank you for watching the vid!

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