I feel guilty for making art?

Ladies & gents, here’s a vid about MY FEELINGS. Do you ever feel the same? What do you think?! Comment below x


2 thoughts on “I feel guilty for making art?

  1. I don’t have the answers and I feel guilty for making art too and the time it takes and wonder what the hell difference can it make. HOWEVER: If you’re making yourself happy, you’re making the world a better place even if just for one person. Although i suspect your happiness makes many people’s lives better! 🙂 You can’t eat art but you can starve and fade away without it…

    1. You know what? You’re so correct! My living and breathing your purpose in life, your happiness will be impacting others and making their lives better. So true, thank you 🙂 Just because there are serious issues doesn’t mean we should all abandon what we love doing. It sucks sometimes cause it really feels like it isn’t making a huge difference, so I guess you’ve just got to balance the two – political activism and art, and make sure you’re doing your bit to help. Thanks for that perspective x

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