Seek | Spoken Word

I’m beginning to treat every day like a child,

To wake up with a sense of utmost curiosity,

To see rain not as a curse

But as liquid manna pouring from the heavens

To have that childlike trust in my Father

And sleep as He takes the wheel,

As my brother slept on the ship during the storm,

To be curious and bold and true

To weave stories in the palm of my hand

To be an unabashed chatterbox who can talk her way from Birmingham to London

At just six years old (true story)

To not ask ‘How do I look?’ before leaving the house

Because I already know I look good

To let others take away the pain without the guilt attached

To have no limit to my dreams

To never wonder whether my opinion counts

To never wonder whether my feelings are real

To never wonder whether war and death are allowed

To spend hour upon hour sprawled amongst sheets of paper

Scribbling not for money but for joy

To know that the most important thing

Will always be joy

To not be nostalgic because

Ain’t nobody got time for that

To seek and stay and yearn and be perfectly content.

To be okay with grey days because indoor play is the ISH

And tomorrow will be a better day anyway

To open up more

Because betrayal only lasts as long as a graze to the knee

And we have unicorn plasters, wet paper towels, and kisses.

I’m beginning to treat every day like a child

To teach people how to treat me

To only hang out with those who make my heart soar

To make my own heart soar

higher than when I’m on the swings and Dad pushes me too hard for a laugh and I think I’ll do a loop-de-loop over the bars at the top and I scream

And ice-cream never tasted better

than it does today

because it was never about the treat

but the moment.

My brother eats his so slowly it melts

and time melts when we allow it.

I’m beginning to treat every day like a child who speaks loudly about right and wrong

A child who sings aloud because she has yet to be categorised into

Alto, Tenor, Soprano

Who laughs aloud

Because she hasn’t been taught political correctness

And who wears what she wants

Because fashion only exists in magazines she doesn’t have enough pocket money to buy

I’m beginning to treat every day like a child

Because I am His child.20170330_142054[1]


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  1. A wonderful proclamation of devotion. Thank you for sharing.

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