28 Things in 2017 That I’m Grateful For


  1. I and my family are happy, healthy and more than blessed.


2. I joined a Spirit-led Church, which is also one that my best friend attends!

Alas, no picture here. But imagine thousands of young people under the same roof praising God and that’s what my church is like. ❤


Be proud!

And I sorta kinda ish kept up with my youtube channel? It was mainly vlogging about time at drama school, probably interesting only to those on my course buuuuut I did also post some #teatimetuesday discussion videos which were fun.


4. I met new people and grew closer to those I already knew ❤

Love these guys.


Reunion init ✌ @iluurveskittles  @chippedfrozenteacup


5. I had my play, For a Black Girl, put on at RCSSD to a sell out audience

So thankful to God and my wonderful cast and crew for that one!


6. I was awarded ‘Highly Commended Writer’ in the FAB Prize 2017

Awarded by Faber and Faber and Andlyn Literary Agency ❤ This is us outside Bloomsbury House. Honestly, such a beautiful day!




7. I performed in an advert for eBay

Yeeees, I did!

8. And I met Scola Dondo at the shoot! ❤

She’s been one of my inspirations since about 2014. She’s incredible and I love her. You should check out her videos online!


9. Summer ball was super fun

Look at some of my closest and very beautiful friends!

summer ball

10. I performed at Tricycle Theatre

It was curated by Juliana Stevens, and I had a lot of fun performing on a large stage

11. My best friend got married! I was bridesmaid, woohoo!

Aaaand helped to prepare for her hen party! Which was super fun! Escape the room, anybody?


12. I played “Bubbles” in Maquillage as part of our company, Stationist Maquillage’s show at Bankside

Doing my MA was such a blessing. I was constantly learning (even if some lessons only became clearer later on) and was challenged as an artist (in a great way!)


13. I witnessed my best friend’s baptism, baby!

Dorcas, I’m looking at you. You looked radiant ❤

14. I turned 22!

It was a lovely day and my friends came to watch me perform!

15. I began working as an arts journalist

I was commissioned to write some pretty awesome articles, like this one:


and this one:


16. Liling came back from Singapore!

And it was lovely ❤

17. I performed in London theatres!

Three different London theatres in three successive days!  It was tiring but enjoyable!


18. I won Talawa Theatre’s Spoken Word Competition

…and got to perform on the opening night of their spanking show, ‘Bite Your Tongue.’

(Wow, I just used the word ‘spanking.’ It was great, seriously). Talawa are one of the leading theatres making stellar work and championing Black talent and I love that.

19. My novel was printed and I held it in my hands!

YO, HOW EPIC IS THAT. You can see how excited I was (still am) in this video lol

20. My ex lecturer (and published author, punk rock band legend, and all round awesome sauce person) read my novel and gave me feedback

And he…liked it. Wheyheyy

21. I got to celebrate my best friend’s graduation! (You go girl!)



22. I did some modelling!

Even better, I was approached by a professional photographer.

Check out Michael Brosnan’s work – he’s fantastic!

A massive thank you to @michael_brosnan is due! On my birthday this year, I performed at Bread & Roses theatre. Unbeknowst to me, a very lovely and amazingly talented photographer, one of the top in his field, was sat amongst the audience. He loved my performance so much that he gave me his card & offered a free photoshoot ❤ What a birthday present! Honestly he's such a gem and I absolutely adore the photos. I highly recommend his services - especially to fellow actresses out there or anyone seeking to model, as he is working with top modelling agencies and designers. It was super fun getting to do some modelling! A total gentleman :) Thank you Michael! This year has been AWESOME.  #actress #actor #modelling #beach #funtimes #Godisgood #grateful #happy #Christmaspresent


23. I became a proud member of the BrainStorm Ensemble and we took our debut show to Malta!!

Dude, Malta is beautiful. Seriously. Someone say ‘international theatre makers’.


24. Soon after, this was followed by another working holiday in Italy!

I had the loveliest time in Italy. I especially loved chilling with my wonderful Italian host family.

So, fun story, on my last night in Italy (I was working as a drama practitioner at a children’s theatre), I had the choice between booking myself into a hotel for about 6 hours (my flight was at 5am) OR randomly walking around the city. At night. In a city I didn’t know at all (my stay had been elsewhere). Alone.

I chose the latter.

It rained, I lugged my suitcase around, I got chatted up by some – to be fair to them – very lovely men, I explored some cool monuments (?) and I drank a lot.

No regretti.


25. I graduated! AGAIN.

I’m a Master of Arts baby! From the top conservatoire in the UK 2018. Allow me to be super duper excited please. More than that, I’m so grateful.

These guys have been with me through thick and thin so I pray today I made them proud. I wouldn't have beem able to do this course without my parents. Nor would I have completed it without my heavenly Father who they taught me to love 💕  Totally humbled to graduate from @cssdlondon and to realise the dream of attending AND GRADUATING from the top conservatoire in the UK. #grateful #Godisreal #Masters #dramaschool #MAgraduate #theatre #CSSD #family #parents #woooooo 🎉🎭🎬 Photo cred to @pirunthuvysri ❤❤

26. I delved fully into freelancing

I’ve had so many great opportunities, like performing in an interactive Christmas market and at the University of Roehampton.

Super fun day doing some interactive work AND getting to work with @clare_mccall again. Yaaaaay! ❤ #actors #friends #theatre #streettheatre  #Christmassy #Victorian  Photo cred to Clare XDSpent today at University of Roehampton (so pretty). It was lovely to be invited to perform spoken word there ❤ #poet #writer #performer #freelancewriter #freelance #spokenword #university #freelancer #arts

27. I was invited back to RCSSD after I graduated.

I was commissioned to write for the students and to join the head course leader in leading a workshop

About a year ago I came here as a student. Today I returned as an assistant to a lecturer I admire beyond words can express. And I return as a commissioned playwright and have the privilege of seeing current ATP's use my text in their explorations. God is good.  #also #lifeisgood #freelancewriter #freelancedirector #freelancer #performer #theatre #MA #grateful

28. My play is programmed into the largest arts festival in London!! Come along in January!

God is so amazing. This is one of the most exciting pieces of news! I keep saying I’m blessed and I really am.

It’s been a pleasure 2017! Bring on an even better year for 2018!

I graduated 🎓🎉🎉 📷 @chusiamoros 😘





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess says:

    Wow. So many amazing achievements just this year! Congrats! And cheers to a better 2018!

    1. Nikki Acquah says:

      Aww thanks lovely! And thank you for taking the time to read! Indeed! Here’s to an amazing 2018! Have an amazing year! Looking forward to your posts :3 x

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