Recently I put up a blog post entitled: Three Year Anniversary and My First Ever Love Letter. It was a tongue-in-cheek ‘love letter’ dedicated to my blog – so tongue-in-cheek, in fact, that one of my best friends messaged me asking whether I was indeed in the midst of a secret, three-year-relationship.

The answer is…sort of, yes. Blogging is a relationship. (I promise, I’m not going to get all pretentious here. All I want to say is that blogging is a relationship between yourself and the words you write, and yourself and the audience who reads the words you write). And so leaving the world of blogging behind feels…

a little…



A break up.

I seem to have done a lot of breaking up recently.

This sounds melancholy, but they have all been break-ups that have given me so much necessary freedom. Like deleting my facebook. (Phew! That was so many years in the making!)




Okay, I don’t want to ramble on about myself; I just want to say a few things about the direction of this blog…

1)      I’m proud of this blog. I mean, look at it…it’s pretty awesome right?

2)      I am so, so, so grateful for everyone I’ve met through the blogging community and to everyone who reads what I post. I never really created this blog for people to read it. (And honestly, I’m still surprised when anybody tells me that they do read it). I’ve discovered over the years that waaaaay more people than I ever thought actually read my blog posts, which is incredible. Thank you ❤

So with these two things being said, why am I here feeling a little iffy with my blog?


I’m bored.

I’m feeling artistically ambitious. I want to challenge myself creatively. I want to make huge leaps and bounds in the type of discussions I’m having, the type of art I’m creating and the type of narratives I’m pursuing.

In fact, I already have been making huge leaps and bounds in all of those things…

And then there’s blogging, which feels a little samey-samey right now. It’s not pushing my boundaries or my buttons. It’s not a leap in the dark.

I’m used to it.

And I’m bored.

Essentially, I no longer feel like this:




One fact about myself is that I am, probably to peoples’ surprise, impulsive. If there’s something I want to do, I rarely deliberate upon the pros and cons for hour upon hour. I’ll just cut all ties and do it. (Mostly; there are some areas I need to improve upon, but for the most part I have no qualms about diving into things, and developing my wings on the way down). Some people might call this rash…I call it following my gut.

And so honestly, I have tried so hard to take a long time to think about this decision, about reinventing or else entirely ditching my blog, but everything inside me is screaming MOVE ON.

So what am I moving on to?

Well…video making. I’ve been making videos for a while now, on my Youtube channel. I’ve posted comedic sketches, vlog-style videos and artistic discussion videos. Much like my blog, they all had a focus on creativity and spoken word or even the process of writing.

Essentially, I’m still interested in creating such content (similar to what’s on this blog now), only I’ve realised that the way I want to communicate my ideas to the world can be complemented by my Youtube channel.

I am and will always be a writer. And I can be a bit of a rambler too, so I’m sure I’ll jump on this blog every now and then. But until I find a way in which this blog is as exciting as the prospect of video making currently is for me, then my posts will likely be less and less frequent…

It’s important to question why I blog and why I should continue to do so.

Essentially this post is a warning that I may use this blog less often than I currently do. I truly am sorry if that disappoints anyone. I hope you understand why I’m making this decision.

I want to PUSH myself and learn more about video content and storytelling via writing video scripts and editing those scripts to make a narrative. I still like this blog and I still get so many valuable things from it. The difference is that blogging currently feels like…like…a safe choice. Like a low fat plain rice cracker. Youtube, on the other hand, feels like a three course meal.

And I like rice crackers and will eat rice crackers again…but right now, I wanna sink my teeth into a MEAL baby.

Make sense? I want to discuss my ideas about art, like I have in videos like this one:


Or this one:



And I hope you’ll be on this journey with me.

As I said, I’ll probably jump on this blog from time to time, especially to post some poetry in the near future. I’ve had this blog for many years and looking back I can see its very natural progression. I now feel as though it’s time for an even larger progression…I will only post what feels exciting, relevant and artistically ambitious.

I’d still very much like to keep chatting with everyone ❤ I also LITERALLY want to chat with you all – hence video!

keep in touch

I’ve never suggested that people subscribe to my Youtube channel before. I always felt it would be horribly pretentious to ask that – the assumption being that if you like my content, you, without needing to be told, will click that red button.

But as I’m switching platforms, I feel it only fair to say that if you’ve liked my blogging content, please do follow me ‘Nick Acquah’ on youtube (SUBSCRIBE) because it’s still me and still my ideas re. art/the world/poetry/whatever…just in video format!



Once again, I need to thank everybody for reading this and for reading my posts over the years. I didn’t see this in the works for this year but I’ve outgrown so many things recently and this blog might just be one of them…

Much love,



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