Writer, theatre-maker, spoken word artist 

BA (Creative Writing and Drama) – Royal Holloway

MA (Advanced Theatre Practice) – Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

I just typed up a really awesome introduction.

And then it got deleted.

 So I guess you’ll just have to scroll through the posts to find out more about me, sorry xD

One of my friends told me to set up a blog – probably to save people from having to read my occasionally long posts on facebook  (sorrynotsorry) – and so I have.

And here we are.

And you are.

And here we all are, enjoying a nice cup of tea as we all should be.

Happy scrolling.

For business queries or just general questions, drop me an email at nicole.acquah@cssd.ac.uk



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Nikki, I am a writer too. I am also a person who has a tendency to do long(er) posts than necessary sometimes. Who cares!

    We are what we are. All people have a “vibe,” a way about how they interact with others. You just do what you do.

    Thanks for the visit to my site…


    1. Hey there! So true! The world would be boring if it was only filled with people who didn’t express their thoughts! ^_^
      No worries! And thanks for subscribing 🙂

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