Two Roads | Poetry

I would put a disclaimer in here about my views but I’m not really fussed about what people think. Title is going through transitions. For now let’s call it Two roads . Click the link to read 🙂

The Lover’s Feast

For years she mistook longing for love, The ache of yearning became An almost-pleasant solution to romanticism.   You should have told her loving doesn’t Hurt this much, That she did not have to tolerate fingers pressed Into her wounds. That always yearning, never questioning Is not the twenty-first century romance. That emotion is not…

Performing my Poetry

I’m sharing a poem with you. 🙂 Happy World Poetry Day. I hope you love it. If you do, let me know!  


You are dust. You are words spoken by the greatest Poet. Your life is a beautiful homage. You do not create – you imitate, and that’s okay. That’s the point.

The mimic’s paradox

Your waters are too shallow. A pool of wasted opportunities/dreams/narcissistic hopes/ The spotless page is a map that marks the Hemingway, and your pen will light the Plath. Less is more. More is esteemed. (The mimic’s paradox) You burn the midnight oil in Twain. And you cut out the middle woman? And you mimic Emerson…

Icarus’ Chariot

I am weary of the warrior’s apotheosis. I am weary of cliché which hold truth and intangibility. I could call myself a realist; My feathers would melt like wax. But you will finish what you began. I am clay-like, And with earth you establish kingdoms. We are the creatures chasing the wind.