The strangest reading slump ever aka the war on narrative

This is a cry for help. I am having the weirdest (non) reading slump I’ve ever experienced in my life. If you don’t know what a reading slump is, it is basically a phase in life where you no longer feel like reading.  You start a book and can’t seem to finish it. A reading…

Two Roads | Poetry

I would put a disclaimer in here about my views but I’m not really fussed about what people think. Title is going through transitions. For now let’s call it Two roads . Click the link to read 🙂

The Woman

The one lies in bed post-puke. The other writes poetry on vodka. – A machiavellian nightmare  hunting for space between thought. – Meting out pain in stanzas too brittle to hold her haikus too slim For his mind. – shot, shot, shot, shot  she is pregnant with abuse. – blood and water and pain congratulate…

Wasdjihaui hierogerio

This is the other. Half-eaten meat pastry and soiled bedding – Skin darker than the media lets you see – Mental health skewered by politics – Foreign foreigners foreign foreign – You’ve got to be sensible to be desensitised Remain sane with Limbs falling, Rotting, Eyes blinded towards hate, Homophobic Systems which make them semi-human,…

The Lover’s Feast

For years she mistook longing for love, The ache of yearning became An almost-pleasant solution to romanticism.   You should have told her loving doesn’t Hurt this much, That she did not have to tolerate fingers pressed Into her wounds. That always yearning, never questioning Is not the twenty-first century romance. That emotion is not…

Don’t Think/Just Do It

Dear ladies, Love yourself before you love another, so that removing your clothes does not feel like ripping off a plaster.

Performing my Poetry

I’m sharing a poem with you. 🙂 Happy World Poetry Day. I hope you love it. If you do, let me know!