Do Better | Spoken Word

Because at one point or another, we have probably enabled the system.   Transcript as follows:   DO BETTER   I do not deserve to belong to this movement; I know that wokeness is not a state of being; It’s a journey we’re all on But I can’t forgive myself for having slept for quite…

Seek | Spoken Word

I’m beginning to treat every day like a child, To wake up with a sense of utmost curiosity, To see rain not as a curse But as liquid manna pouring from the heavens To have that childlike trust in my Father And sleep as He takes the wheel, As my brother slept on the ship…

Performing my Poetry

I’m sharing a poem with you. 🙂 Happy World Poetry Day. I hope you love it. If you do, let me know!  

Knowing Jesus (Spoken Word)

I posted a poem to this blog a long while back. It was called Mark 2:17. The title has since been changed and HERE I AM PERFORMING the poem. Enjoy (: If you like it, subscribe to my youtube channel here:  as I’ll be posting more spoken word in the future x