Durnenkovs: The Drunks: Inspired: Part 2


Enter THE FOOL, this time, very drunk and slurring.


Who the fuck’s fault was all of this?

Really, I ask you? Who the fuck is to blame?

I mean, he got a statue in the middle of town. That Jack guy.

But who knows where is now? Banged up in some loony bin I reckon.

THEY never tell you what happens next. Only what you want to know…

He takes a swig of his beer and wipes his lip. Staggers for a while, before reciting one more limerick.


How I savoured my marvellous break

From political venom – each snake

Of a pol now defanged

And no one harangued

At the time though, I wasn’t awake!

Looks up.

You’re all too fucking sober.

Reaches into his bag and pulls out alcohol.

That’s right. I’m like Mary fucking Poppins.

Passes the audience bottles of beer.

And now, a toast to Jack!

Shuffles offstage.


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