Beta Readers! I need your help.

Attention lovely people. So last year I finished writing a novel. I was very public about the progress on facebook – but I never made a post to say I finished it – so here it is! It is finished! Huzzah.
However, I pretty please need some help. Over the past few months I’ve really struggled to edit it, because it’s tough to take a step back from your own work. I’m looking for some amazing people who wouldn’t mind reading some chapters for me, and giving me HONEST feedback. (Emphasis on the honest: my ego doesn’t bruise easily ūüôā )
What I’m looking for:
Рpeople who enjoy reading
– people who can read one or two chapters a week (I write fairly short chapters. About six pages double spaced)
-people who don’t mind answering a few questions about the chapter. Really simply stuff like ‘What did you think of character X?’ or ‘Does the story make sense so far?’ I’ll probably set up an online questionnaire kinda ting.
– people of a variety of ages, backgrounds, faiths, etcetera.
In return, I will be super happy to lend a hand with any creative project should you so desire. I do specialise in theatre (acting, directing, but also writing plays, monologues, etc) and prose (novels, short stories, etc) so best to keep in mind.
Additionally, when I do send this book off, you will be mentioned in the Acknowledgements as a special thank you ūüôā
I would absolutely love commitment but we all know life is busy, so if you sign up to be a Beta Reader but your circumstances change – that’s okay. Just let me know. You have the right to leave the project at any point in time.
So the book is a Christian fantasy book (think Narnia but for an older readership I guess). I would be particularly interested if you enjoy reading Young Adult¬†Fantasy. But¬†even if you don’t, let me know ‚̧ I want to see how the book resonates with people of different ages, backgrounds, religions, you name it! Sadly, because I need a myriad of different people, I might not be able to choose you if you volunteer. (For example, if I already have five women who volunteer to read it, I would be looking to pick somebody¬†male to get another perspective, so don’t take it personally) Much love.¬†
mwah x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations! I would be willing to edit.

  2. Nikki Acquah says:

    You are fabulous! Could you tell me the sort of stuff you enjoy reading & also would you mind sending me your email address? Thank you! x

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